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Advantages of Forging

A view inside one of our forging dies.Small forger dies

Cold forging can reduce your costs dramatically.

  1. Ability to eliminate secondary processes & reduce scrap
    1. Possible elimination of "heat treatment" process (by hardening involved in cold forging)
    2. Elimination or reduction of "machining" process
  2. Ability to select wide range of materials
    1. Low cost material
    2. Easier machining process
  3. Ability to make parts more accurate and precise than "hot forging", without machining
    1. More accurate dimensions: centering, alignment, flatness, etc.
    2. Precision features: serrations, splines, gears, etc.

Forging Equipment

Large FormerOur Large Former

Large Former

Small FormerOur Small Former

Small Former

Die component storageForging dies
Die maintenance machineOur die maintenance machine

 Forging Process and Die Design

Our forging process technology and precision die design are fully supported by our parent company, Nippon Steel Precision Forge.

Precision Die Design

Precision die design