Indiana Precision Forge, L.L.C.
IATF16949 Registered

Product Categories

The cold-forged products of IPF are used in a wide variety of automobile applications including steering system parts, air conditioner crankshafts, seat belt parts, and transmission system parts. IPF's parts will assist in carrying the automotive industry into the 21st century.

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Special Characteristics of IPF's Cold Forged Parts

A photo of a number of our products.
  1. Extremely high dimensional accuracy
    1. Accurate centering
    2. Accurate alignment
    3. Accurate flatness
  2. Value-adding cold forging proficiency
    1. Serrations
    2. Gears
    3. Splines
    4. Other complex shapes
  3. Designed to eliminate secondary processes
    1. Elimination of heat treatment
    2. Elimination of machining
  4. Wide range of materials
    1. Materials that are easy to machine
    2. Low cost materials